Krita Brushkit



Krita brush for natural media painting.

The purpose of this brush pack is to imitate analog tools such as pencils and watercolors. I add a faint texture to many brushes. Therefore it is compatible with paper texture.
This brush was made based on Krita Brushkit v8.2 - David Revoy and The Muses Preset Pack | Krita
Brush Icon - Krita/Brushes Preset Preview - KDE Community Wiki

The Watercolor Brush inspire by Painter 6

I loved the watercolor brush of Painter 6. Even though I started to use Krita, I could not forget its comfort. My brushkit aimed at Painter 6 Watercolor brush. But can not imitate it perfectly.


Eraser with good compatibility with pencil brush.

The eraser of this brush kit was designed for use with a pencil brush. Faint marks remain on the picture, Instead of completely erasing stroke. This enables more natural expressions.





License: CC-BY, Takahiro Kanno, .

I checked the brush works with Lubuntu 18.10 and Krita 4.15.
My mother tongue is not English. Therefore, there will be mistakes in grammar and unnatural expression.
Have a good painting time !